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Germa Nestor - Certified Esthetician

A Member of:

From an early age I was always fascinated with beauty and anything associated with it. At the age of 20, I began to suffer with my own skin issues, and realized that there was so much more to skin care than just applying moisturizing "potions". I was determined to reverse my skin problems. It was then that I realized I could apply my educational background (Culinary Arts/Nutrition) to scientific skin care.


Through the course of this journey it's led me to a career as a Certified Esthetician. I take pride in my profession, and I'm both committed and dedicated to my role as a skin care professional. I believe the role of an Esthetician is to be a health educator. So I strive to teach clients everything I’ve learned and through having problematic skin myself; as well as educating to provide the knowledge base necessary to ensure they can take the best possible care of their skin. For clients with non- problematic skin, my goasl are exactly the same. 


Through my practice I have met some of the most wonderful people. These relationships have inspired me to continue my education and advancing my practice. My reward is knowing that I have improved one’s life by assisting them in bringing their skin back to a healthy state. For anyone that's looking to relax, be pampered and see their skin transformed, I welcome you to Love Your Skin By Germa and look forward to meeting you!


Much love,


My Commitment


Here at Love Your Skin By Germa the commitment is to build and maintain the closest, most positive, long-term client relationships possible, by providing the best quality of skin care service, by anticipating clients' individual needs, fulfilling those needs to the best of our ability, and exceeding clients' expectations.

Our clients are inspired to take charge of their lives by communicating in a clear, simple way conveying what clients need to know in order to maintain their beauty and skin health. This empowerment focuses on achieving positive results through education, home maintenance,  and encouraging lifestyle changes to lead an overall healthy lifestyle.



I stand behind and personally use all product lines that I utilize for my services. 

Some of the major product lines utilized are:






Eva Esthetics

Image Skincare

Skin Care Fundamentals

         Tu'el Skincare        










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